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The evolution of Craft Boner

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to write here because, I'll be real goddamn honest, I'm writing this because I joined this blogging accountability group to keep me on track with blogging every week. Because a) I'm a masochist when it comes to loading more work onto myself and b) I really do like when other small businesses blog regularly. It makes me feel like I know the masterminds behind the business just a little bit better.  And while my company is pretty much just my personality in pretty handwriting I still think there might be a handful of people who enjoy hearing about the shit that goes on behind the scenes. Because most days are fucking hilarious. But some...

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New and exciting updates

Wahoo! We've got our new website up and running! We'll do our best to keep up with blogging but you can always find more behind-the-scenes action over on Instagram - our account is @craftboner.  Feel free to reach us at if you've got any inquiries or such!

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