We'd love to make your customers giggle - here you'll find our wholesale terms and info to make sure we'd be a good fit for you. 

Q: I haven't ordered from this site before - how do I start?  

A: First set up an account here then email us at hello@craftboner.com so we can approve your account as wholesale. Just include your business name, address, website, tax ID and resale tax certificate number for verification. Then you'll see wholesale prices on everything that is available for wholesale and you'll be able to shop any time - even in your pajamas if you wanted! Just make sure to log in before adding items to your cart so you see the correct wholesale pricing.

Q: How do I pay for my order? 

A: You can place your order and pay and everything else right here on the Craft Boner website! If you need different payment terms please reach out to us first and we'll let you know your options - we're definitely open to NET30 and other payment options for shops we work with. 

Q: Is there any other way to place an order? 

A: Sure, you can send us an email and we can put together a Square or PayPal invoice for you but you can shop on this site with wholesale pricing and also see the most up-to-date range of products. 

Q: What's your turnaround time look like? 

A: We try to get all orders shipped out in two weeks - if an item is backordered or a quantity isn't available we'll email you ASAP to figure out the way that would work best for you to proceed. 

Q: Do you have minimums? 

A: We do have a minimum of $100 for your first order but after that our minimum is $60. We don't have any order minimums on style or designs (we hate restrictions as much as you do) but we only sell mugs wholesale in quantities of six due to shipping concerns. 

Q: What if there's another shop close to me that sells Craft Boner? 

A: While we do our best not to oversaturate any areas, zip code protection is up to our discretion. Let us know if you have any concerns about this!

Q: Do you sell on consignment? 

A: Not often, but we do make exceptions for certain shops!

Q: Is everything in your shop available for wholesale? 

A: Some products take longer for us to produce or we can only get in small quantities so those items won't show the special wholesale pricing on checkout. You can still order them at full retail pricing but we usually can't do any sort of price breaks on them.